Other Ways to Give

Planned Giving

You can support Community Lodgings through including a bequest in your will. Generally speaking, there are three ways you can do this:

1. By designating a specific dollar amount, percentage or specific property that is part of your estate (specific bequest).

2. By transferring the remaining amount of your estate to Community Lodgings after all debts, taxes, expenses and specific bequests are honored (residual bequest).

3. By designating that Community Lodgings receive all or a portion of your estate under certain circumstances (contingent bequest).

No matter what option you choose, please consult with your lawyer to ensure that the appropriate language is contained in your will so that your wishes can be effected.

Matching Gifts

Many large employers will match your donations, and each year thousands of dollars in potential donations are unrealized. Ask your employer if your company has a matching program, or if you are the employer, consider starting one for your staff. Matching gifts can also be as simple as letting your friends, family, neighbors, etc. know that you support Community Lodgings and offering them the opportunity to do the same.